Programs and Syllabus

Program Objective:

The four-year Bachelor of Pharmacy degree is designed to prepare students to acquire the ability to be eligible for industrial and clinical pharmacy practice as well as research for efficient day-to-day innovation and use it as a decision-making tool to improve health science. All throughout, the program focuses on broadening the student’s understanding as an industrial pharmacist, hospital pharmacist and researcher.

Program Structure:

Bachelor of Pharmacy primarily involves the study of a number of core courses, which every Pharmacist should know and a significant number of courses from specialized areas. Although this program is a specialized one, still there is scope for thesis for final year students. Core courses build the foundation and specialized courses prepare the students for the specific areas of Pharmacy. To understand the underpinning theory of the courses of Pharmacy, a number of courses on Mathematics, Statistics, English and Computer Science and Engineering have been made mandatory in the syllabus. This undergraduate curriculum is designed in such a way that after graduation, the graduates will have a reasonable amount of general idea about biological subjects and they will obtain good communication skill in English as well. The curriculum includes a good number of university required courses known as General Education Courses (GED). Areas of the GED courses include Linguistics (English and Arabic), Liberal Arts and Islamic Studies. In addition, some courses on Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management have been incorporated to make the syllabus a balanced and reasonably complete one.

Degree Requirements:

To obtain the Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from the Department of Pharmacy, each student is required to successfully complete a minimum of 167 credits. In addition to minimum 137 credits, students may also take extra courses from the elective courses for wider specialization. The distribution of the credits is given below:

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