Head of cse Department

Dr. Nargis Sultana Chowdhury

Head & Associate Professor

Department of Pharmacy

The pharmacy profession is changing rapidly and we are changing with it. Pharmacists are becoming more engaged in reviewing and monitoring of patients’ medications and health in a variety of settings. Health care is moving from an emphasis on volume to an emphasis on value. Accordingly, the department of pharmacy is preparing graduates to serve key roles on patient-care teams, no matter which career path in pharmacy they may choose. Our ethos is ‘striving for academic and moral excellence’ which inspires everything we do. We always try to produce pharmacists who are knowledgeable, independent, competent and focused on the improvement of this profession as well as the community as a whole. Students who are keen on making the study of Pharmacy the foundation for their chosen career path will be exposed to the aspects of drug design, evaluation, production and use of medication, based on fields of pharmaceutical and medical sciences. In addition, we focus on cultivating pharmaceutical research, training, educating and transforming our students to create pioneering scientific solutions. The department of Pharmacy continues to establish strong collaborations with leading pharmaceutical companies, placing our students in an advantageous position so they can face their future career challenges. We strongly believe that the translation of knowledge into practice is a critical component of learning. Our course is highly practical, designed by industry professionals and academics that will equip you to carve out the career of your choice. Our graduates have a great reputation when it comes to professional services and expanded pharmacy roles.

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